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BossBabe: Naomi Perkins Rosenstein styles her life with Stella & Dot

BossBabe: Naomi Perkins Rosenstein styles her life with Stella & Dot

Sometimes in life, you just land right where you belong at the perfect time and I am oh so grateful that I fell in love with Stella & Dot when I did. Because of that fabulous opportunity, I have met so many amazing women who have inspired me, coached me in business and have become some of my dearest friends. In last weeks post, I hinted at more to come from my good friend and recruiting rockstar Naomi Perkins Rosenstein. I am thrilled to share her Lucky + Lovely #BossBabe interview with you friends. Naomi is the epitome of happy, happy, joy, joy. Her team admires her, the Stella & Dot community lavishes her with respect and admiration and all of it is well deserved. This former teacher created the life she wanted with her business opportunity and she is never without a kind word or helping hand to a fellow stylist. I’m inspired all over again by reading these golden nuggets from my good friend.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Back in October, 2010 I was working as a middle school reading teacher in a suburban area. I had a fabulous husband, a good job, a crazy dog, and was living comfortably. I enjoyed online shopping (what woman doesn’t?!) and had recently been overly enjoying shopping the Stella & Dot website. Over the previous six months, I had placed five orders from the website, getting myself some seriously fabulous jewelry. My husband noticed the fifth box arrive on our doorstep and he handed me $200 and said, oh-so kindly, “Why don’t you just shop from yourself?!” I thought he was crazy because I had never, ever, in a million years, EVER thought of myself doing sales of any kind. Home parties? Yuck! But then, I figured if I could have 12 of my friends each do a show one month of the year, I’d have fun and earn some shopping money. Simple, right? Yep- it sure was! At the end of the month, I finally decided to do it. I signed up to be a Stella & Dot stylist, with the intention of having one trunk show a month, enjoying the discount, and have a lot of really cool jewelry to wear and love.

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