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10 things do when you feel like giving up on your social selling business


Today I am tackling one of those topics that everyone goes through and no one likes to talk about: giving up on your business. We’ve all been there before. You have had a string of parties with $0 sales, your team has tanked, your hostesses won’t return your phone calls and you can’t seem to book a party to save your life. You post on facebook daily yet no one is biting. You feel like you have hit a wall. It feels like an expensive burden and that little voice keeps creeping in and whispering to you to “just quit already“. Ladies, these feelings are totally understandable. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I think this way all the time. Our business, just like any other business, ebbs and flows. The most important thing is to stay focused on your goals and do not let the slow times get the best of you. The world does not benefit from you playing small and giving up on yourself. We need you to get out there and share your gifts and awesome products/services with us. From my years of coaching, I have been through this many times with my team and personally. I invite you to try all 10 of these and share with me how your business is changing and thriving. I want to dream big with you and share your joy! Continue Reading

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Celebrating a “mini-win” with Tastykake!

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