7 Tips to help you fire up your facebook group engagement

Get your group members chatting and raving about your group.

7 tips for firing up your Facebook group engagement

So, you’ve created a facebook group and you are so excited because you know facebook groups are all the rage and can help you generate a huge amount of the ever important “know, like, and trust” factor that you need to take your business to the next level. Facebook groups are a game changer for your business and are the hottest place online to cultivate a community of people who recommend you, share your work across social media and buy from you when you introduce new products and services.

Are you stumped at how to get the members in the group to jump in and participate in all the fabulous content you are sharing? In today’s post, I share a few ideas to help you get more engagement from the members of your group. 

What are supposed to do when you are posting in your group and sharing your expertise buuuuut…you are hearing crickets from your members. Are you thinking, this is yet another thing that I have to do that will suck the life out of me and take up all my precious time?

I totally get you. I am in the trenches with you and I have some tips to help you fire up the engagement in your facebook group.


Facebook groups are like a garden. Just like a garden, once you create it, you plant your seeds, you water it, you give it love and attention, you nurture it, you tend it and pull weeds. After some time, love, water, and nourishment from the sun and earth, your garden starts to grow. The same principle applies to growing the group and the groups engagement. You have to give it time to grow and have patience.


Make sure the group is aligned with your brand and is consistent with your social media handles. Create a welcome video with the rules of your group so that the guidelines are clear and everyone knows the etiquette of your group and what kind of content to expect. Make a special hashtag for your group and encourage members to use that hashtag to build awareness and create community around your group. Basically, you want the members talking about you and your group and how much value they are getting from being a part of your community.


Now, when it comes to content, you want to create value for your members. The first way to do this is to get to know your target audience and ask them what they want to learn about. Survey them and ask what they are struggling with so you can create content around their struggles and pain. Every post does not have to be about struggle, some content can be for entertainment, building relationships and support but you want to have a healthy mix of valuable content planned out. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing for creating content.

  • Theme days, have fun with themed days and create a daily prompt for members to answer
  • One product, multiple ways to use it. If you sell a physical product, people love to see many different ways to use one product.
  • One problem, multiple products to solve that problem.
  • Theme weeks, this one is really fun. Create 5 days of prompts, questions or posts around one specific topic related to your groups interests.
  • Create a challenge around a specific topic or problem and deliver a post each day, make engagement with the posts part of a giveaway of prizes for the participating in the challenge.


Plan out and post engagement questions to the group. Engagement questions are a great way to get people talking and build an atmosphere of community within the group. People are shy and love to lurk for weeks and weeks in groups. Facebook groups are like a party room and some people need a little nudge to get the conversation started. But once they start talking and sharing, you can sit back and enjoy the conversation and energy of the your community. That is when the magic happens. People who know each other then begin to support each other which creates valuable bonds of trust and friendship within the group.

Here is an epic list of some amazing engagement questions for you to use in your group: Epic List of Engagement Questions 


We humans all love to be in the spotlight and be appreciated for our gifts and talents. How cool would it be if you created a member spotlight? You can do so many things with this. You can interview a member and post it, you can create a contest for members to be “Member of the week/month/quarter” and even change the cover image to that member for the time period. This will get your tribe excited and have them generating content for you. They will love the attention and admiration from the group and this will have them excited to participate so that they be the next person featured.


Have special classes, livestreams or takeovers for the week from experts in the niche of your group. These guests do not have to be members of the group and the collaboration will help cross promote your group to new people. This one is really cool because each guest can bring a fresh voice to your groups topic of interest and keep their attention.


Get your fabulous face on video or facebook live as often as you can. I don’t care if you are nervous or don’t like going live, you are the face and host of your group and your group needs to hear from you. It is super important for you to show up, every single week. This builds so much trust with your tribe and you want them be all heart for you every chance you can get. If you are too nervous to go live, record a video directly into facebook or record and upload directly in the group. Facebook prefers native video instead of youtube links. You can always upload the broadcast to youtube later and get some extra traffic to your business.



There you have it, my top tips for kicking your groups engagement into overdrive. I hope you try some of these ideas and of course if you are looking for an awesome group filled with passionate lady bosses to support you and give you a virtual kick in the booty, hop on over to the Lady Boss Lounge and we will take care of you.

  • Kristy Empol September 13, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Fantastic post! Thank you for including my engagement post list! Those 7 tips will sure get Facebook groups rockin’ again!

    • Melanie Hernquist September 14, 2017 at 8:17 am

      Thank you for checking it out! I love your blog and how much you help our direct sales sisters.

  • Scarlett September 15, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Great post Melanie. A question about recording directly on Facebook…how does one do that? I don’t think I am ready for Live but maybe recording would be a good place to start.