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Bossbabe: Coach Ali gets our bodies & minds healthy and happy

Today I have a special treat and this interview is perfect timing for this season of the year. Read (when I am packing on the pounds from eating way too much mashed potatoes, and chili with cornbread drizzeled with honey). Fall is finally starting to feel like fall and the desire to wrap up and hibernate has been creeping in my bones for a few weeks now. When my favorite leggings started to feel a wee bit snug, I knew it was time to call on my personal fitness boss mama so she can whip my butt into shape going into the holidays. I want to introduce you to the efferverscent and joyful Ali Harper Wittorf. This girl has more happiness in her little pinky finger than most people will ever dream of. Her raw honesty gives me chills sometimes when she shares her struggles, triumphs, challenges and wins about everything from motherhood, fitness, running a business, mental clarity to just life in general. This gal is the real deal and I am so excited to share her story with you all on this post.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I’m a lifestyle fitness coach and mentor, helping women choose wellness and nutrition programs that work with their busy schedules and lives. I lead online fitness accountability challenge groups for people who need support in reaching their health, weight loss and wellness goals. My goal is to help them have a transformation from the inside out, to become the strong, enabled woman they know they are. Another aspect of my job is that I mentor the women on my team by teaching them how to run their own coaching business, which I love!

To give you a little context about how this all came to be, after becoming a mom I went back to work as a full-time photographer when my son was just 4 months old. I traveled most weekends for my business, and being away from him was not only hard on me, it was hard our family as a whole, as my husband and I were never able to co-parent. During this time I was struggling with postpartum depression, dealing with pain and complications from an unplanned c-section, not able to lose the weight I had gained during pregnancy and simply having a difficult time navigating the world as an “older mom”. A friend of mine approached me about trying out an at-home workout program to help me on my journey, and it was at that moment my life and my family’s lives were forever changed. After completing the fitness program (called 21 Day Fix by Beachbody) and truly transforming myself, I took the plunge to become a coach so that I too, could empower women through nutrition and daily exercise.

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interviews women in business

BossBabe: Naomi Perkins Rosenstein styles her life with Stella & Dot

BossBabe: Naomi Perkins Rosenstein styles her life with Stella & Dot

Sometimes in life, you just land right where you belong at the perfect time and I am oh so grateful that I fell in love with Stella & Dot when I did. Because of that fabulous opportunity, I have met so many amazing women who have inspired me, coached me in business and have become some of my dearest friends. In last weeks post, I hinted at more to come from my good friend and recruiting rockstar Naomi Perkins Rosenstein. I am thrilled to share her Lucky + Lovely #BossBabe interview with you friends. Naomi is the epitome of happy, happy, joy, joy. Her team admires her, the Stella & Dot community lavishes her with respect and admiration and all of it is well deserved. This former teacher created the life she wanted with her business opportunity and she is never without a kind word or helping hand to a fellow stylist. I’m inspired all over again by reading these golden nuggets from my good friend.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Back in October, 2010 I was working as a middle school reading teacher in a suburban area. I had a fabulous husband, a good job, a crazy dog, and was living comfortably. I enjoyed online shopping (what woman doesn’t?!) and had recently been overly enjoying shopping the Stella & Dot website. Over the previous six months, I had placed five orders from the website, getting myself some seriously fabulous jewelry. My husband noticed the fifth box arrive on our doorstep and he handed me $200 and said, oh-so kindly, “Why don’t you just shop from yourself?!” I thought he was crazy because I had never, ever, in a million years, EVER thought of myself doing sales of any kind. Home parties? Yuck! But then, I figured if I could have 12 of my friends each do a show one month of the year, I’d have fun and earn some shopping money. Simple, right? Yep- it sure was! At the end of the month, I finally decided to do it. I signed up to be a Stella & Dot stylist, with the intention of having one trunk show a month, enjoying the discount, and have a lot of really cool jewelry to wear and love.

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BossBabe: Kate Richeson shares her mission with Beautycounter + giveaway!

I love reading a good interview. I’ve been so excited to share the stories of other women that I connect with through my blog and daily life.  I am so over the moon happy to introduce you to Kate Richeson, managing director with BeautyCounter. Kate and I met through a facebook post of mine and as it turns out we have a lot of mutual friends. Of course she was thrilled to learn that I am a BeautyCounter fan and she was so gracious to share her story with us!
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New Series: The Woman Across the Room

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!! After spending waaaay too much time thinking and not doing, I am finally sharing something that is so near and dear to my heart. Say hello to my new series of posts titled “The Woman across the Room” to highlight fabulous women in business. I am so lucky to get to work with amazing women in my business. Leading and coaching my team has filled truly filled my cup and I can’t wait to share their stories with you.

Last summer, we learned a story about “the girl across the room” from our founder and CEO Jessica Herrin this past year at Hoopla our annual sales training and inspiration conference (think your best girlfriends, cocktails, fashion and fun for 4 days!). In this video, Diane Von Furstenberg shares her story of admiring the woman across the room. She says “when you are somewhere and see a woman across the room who you think has it all together and is so confident and beautiful and who makes you feel insecure about yourself, remember that to someone else YOU are the other woman across the room.”

Introducing my first “Woman Across the R00m” Stella & Dot Stylist: Carol McKnight

1. Tell us a little about yourself Carol.
Wife, Mother of Two, Glam Mama of 2, Lover of Yoga, dark chocolate and all things chic! 

2. What inspired you to give Stella & Dot a whirl?
The gorgeous accessories of course! But also I came across Stella & Dot at a time in my life when I was looking for something new and exciting and this filled that void!

3. What do you have going on with your life outside of Stella & Dot? How do you balance it all? I’m a wife, I work full-time, I have an additional family side business and I play a very active role with my grandkids.  I prioritize based on what matters to me most and my needs at the time.  That’s why I love Stella & Dot because it gives me to flexibility to enjoy it all on my terms.

4. What advice would you give someone wanting to start a business? Just do it!  What do you have to lose,  especially with Stella & Dot, with the low investment, it’s a WIN, WIN!  Style + Extra Cash, how can you go wrong!

5. What is your favorite little blue card purchase? Not one in particular, but overall just having that extra stash of cash to pamper myself, take that weekend trip or indulge in those shopping excursions with no guilt or shuffling of funds 🙂

6. Just for fun!
-early bird or night owl? Night owl!
-coffee or tea? Both, just depends on what I’m feeling that day!
-statement necklace or delicates? Layered delicates of course!

7. Favorite combo that you can’t seem to stop wearing?
The delicate hoop from the Bianca Earrings, Bar necklace from the Rebel Cluster & Rebel Pendant. 

That was so fun! Thank you Carol for sharing your #SDJoy with us! You are one of the 999,947th reasons why I LOVE my Stella & Dot tribe! 

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Fab Friday + Lovely Links for the weekend

Happy Friday Lovelies! Have ya’ll seen Kate Spade and Jack Spade for GapKids? So flipping cute! I’m putting one of everything on my list for Henry. Scoop up some great deals with their friends and family sale. I’m getting excited for cooler weather. I scored the most adorable winter coat for Henry at Old Navy using points and sale, it came in at $7.
Follow my Instagram feed for pics of me and the kiddos in our everyday adventures. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with cups of tea, warm cozy fires, blankets and snuggles with a movie.
I’ve rounded up some of my favorite links for the week. Grab a cup and have fun exploring.
  • Can’t wait for Toms + Target! Lots of holiday goodness is launching November 16th.
  • It’s time to start getting those holiday cards out in the mail. Start here for ideas.
  • I love reading about parenting. Learn about raising thoughtful children here.
  • I’m a pushover for a luxurious face oil and pretty packaging. This one from Beautycounter just may send me over the edge.