10 reasons you are not recruiting new people to your team

10 reasons you are not recruiting new consultants to your direct sales team + how to fix it.

So one of the best ways to earn a killer income with your social selling business is by sponsoring and building a team. Growing and leading a team has been of the most fun parts of this business for me because it has forced me to learn and grow in ways I never thought possible. Leading my team has made my heart expand like crazy and I literally jump out of bed every morning excited to hear from them and work together.
You ladies have been requesting my tips on sponsoring and growing a team and I will be focusing on this topic for the next 4 posts. I was chatting with my good friend Naomi Rosenstein of Stella & Dot, about this topic and this is what we came up with. Naomi is a dynamic leader who replaced her full time teaching income with her Stella & Dot business. This girl knows her stuff! We wanted to share with you all the reasons why you are NOT sponsoring.

1. You are not working your personal business 

Sooooo, this seems kinda basic right? It’s true. The reason you are not sponsoring is as simple as that. You are not out there in peoples living rooms, sharing and selling your product. The basics of social selling are book (parties, shows, socials, classes, get-togethers, demonstrations…whatever you call it) sell your fabulous product and sponsor (share your business opportunity with others). If you’re using the excuse of “but I don’t know anyone who would be interested in my business”, ask yourself, when was the last time you had a party? Having in-home events is the best possible way to meet others and share your business. You have everything you need right there: a captive audience, gorgeous product and your fabulous smile. If you think, posting stuff on your facebook feed everyday means you are “working”, I’m sorry, you’re not. That is low energy activity and really it distracts you from doing real “work”. Social selling is a people business and you need to get in front of people to work your business. Click To Tweet When you get out of your house at least once a week or every other week to hold events, you are building your funnel of prospectives to reach out to. Everyone at your events, from the hostesses to the customers are potential members of your team. The key is to get out there and meet them. You have to put yourself out there and rep your biz. That’s how real boss babes do it.

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2. You are not talking about the opportunity

How is anybody going to know about your opportunity if you don’t tell them about it? Honey, you’ve got to open your mouth and share it. I’ve learned through out my years of doing direct sales that usually the reason you aren’t getting the results that you’re looking for boils down to one or all 3 of these things – It’s WHAT you are saying, HOW you are saying it or that you are NOT saying anything all. When you are doing an event, be sure to let the guests know that this is a business that anyone can do. I can’t tell you how many times I hear of gals complaining that their friend/coworker/neighbor/whatever signed up for their same company with someone else.

You know why they signed up with that other consultant? Because that other consultant was working her biz like a boss, by sharing her opportunity.

Think about how much we share and how would feel if you hadn’t found out about your biz? You would be bummed right? Think about how many times you have been complimented on something you were wearing. Women are so quick to say, “oh I got it on sale” or “they are from XX store.”  Share the joy of your side hustle to everyone.

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3. You are scared

Fear is one of the most powerful forces. It holds us back from doing what we need to do, what we want to do and what we should do. Fear is really the reason you’re not talking about and sharing your opportunity. Yea, you’re making up stories in your head about what people will say or your worried about about coming off as salesy or pushy. Stop worrying about what other people think of you. Here is what my mother taught me. What other people think of you is none of your business. You lovelies love to pick my brain for the best way to approach people or to get them to do things without being “pushy”. The thing is, if you are worried about being pushy, you’re probably not pushy.

Pushy people don’t think that they are. The big secret is this, you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. I’m officially giving you permission to stop worrying about it. Ultimately it’s up to them to try out the biz.

If you want to be successful (whatever your definition of success is) you have to make your goal greater than your fear. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. You have a job to do. Clock in, do the work, see results and reap the rewards.

4. You are not confident about your business opportunity/product

How can you expect anyone to be passionate about your product and company if you aren’t? Listen, I get it. We join these companies for many reasons and sometimes we are not always honest with ourselves about why. Perhaps you wanted the discount or you wanted to try it out. Now is a good time to do a gut check and ask yourself if you can proudly stand behind your company’s mission 100%. Remember how excited you were when you signed up and how happy you were when you opened that business in a box? Represent your company loud and proud. Do you love your product and believe in it? If not, its ok. If yes, then shout it from the rooftops to everyone. Carry yourself like a leader even if you don’t have a single person on your team. Your passion and enthusiasm for your company and its mission will attract others.

5. You prejudge others

We are all guilty of it. We decide for others before they even have a chance to tell us yes or no.

“She won’t want to try this she works a full-time job.”

“She is just so busy.”

“She just had a baby.”

“She won’t want to do it because __________________” (fill with anything)

This comes from that little voice inside our head that makes up stories. It’s there to protect us and keep us from getting our feelings hurt when we are turned down. Stop prejudging other people. You don’t know what people will want to make time for or want to do. Offer everyone the chance to learn more about the biz and decide for themselves. Think about it this way, would want people going around making up stories about you? Just think about how much joy you get out of your biz and how much it has helped you and your family. What if someone never offered you the business?

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6. You come off as desperate

Does sound like a familiar… You reach out to a fabulous gal that you would love to have on your dream team and find out she is interested in learning more about signing up. Commence Beyoncé-like dance party in kitchen: YAAAAAS! #SLAY. You have coffee or wine, chat about the biz, go over the details and she says she has to think about it or ask her hubby or whatever the case is she doesn’t sign up on the spot. A few days goes by, you start the stalking. You email, you call, you text. “Just checking in….!” She still hasn’t signed up. You check her facebook, Instagram, snapchat. But she just was posting to her fb.. You call again, this time leave voicemail, you text again (hi girl!! checking in…emoji emoji”) Still nothing. You are becoming slightly stalkerish and you try to remain cool. But you really are losing your cool. Raise your hand if you post stuff to your facebook like “Hi friends, I need your help. I am looking for 3 more people to join my __________ team.” or “Who do you know that would like to earn $500 a month working from home?” You are coming off as desperate and needy and beggary. Stop it. Heres what I know, women can smell desperation a mile away. It's not attractive. It doesn't drive us. Click To Tweet Just be your cool, confident self and project your boss babe vibe that your team is only filled with rockstar badassery and if they can’t cut it, you would be happy to refer them to another consultant. Project the kind of team members you want and you will attract them.

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7. You do not know how to create relationships

Uuuuuuggghhhh, this one is so HUGE. I say this with complete and all encompassing love. Ya’ll, for the love of all things holy, please learn how to..

– make conversation with total strangers

that allow others to open up and feel like you’re paying attention

– connect on the spot and get contact information “let’s exchange information”

– follow up with a call or email

– cultivate relationships that are meaningful and don’t make others feel used or just a number

‘Cause listen, people pick up on this stuff. Learn how to make conversation, learn how to engage. I love this book  How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is a short and sweet read but it really helps when you meet others (your parties, networking, while out and about) Then take those contacts and cultivate relationships. Yaaaah I see your eyes rolling. “But Melanie, I don’t have time..” You have to believe its worth your time, then chose what to say no to so you can make time for what is important.

8. You are not following up and you have no system for sponsoring

Now that you are a total rockstar at networking and connecting, it’s time to follow up. The fortune is in the follow up. Write a , share an interesting blog post, or send your favorite spotify playlist. Anything that says “It was great meeting you and I want to make your day”.

Savvy social sellers and direct sales divas know the secret to success is organization and systems. This is a business, honey! And businesses run on systems. Keep a tracker of who you talked to and when, create emails and save them in drafts so they are always ready to go. Block out time in schedule to meet with prospectives, follow up, sign them up, train them etc.

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9. You are making it about you and not about them

This one is a game-changer and once you tweak this, your business will change for the better. Because you a GOAL DIGGER and you are a rockstar at following up, you now finally have a chance to have a one on one to chat with your interested prospective about your business. (Cue Happy Dance!!) Now is not the time to verbally diarrhea your company’s compensation plan and training all over her.

None of this is about you. Its about her. Contrary to what you are thinking, you’re not signing people on your team and building a team to help you. Get that promotion out of your head, forget about that incentive trip or the money. That is not what sponsoring is about.

Nope, you are offering the business to help others. Once you finally make that commitment to being a leader in your company, its time to take on a leadership posture and adopt an attitude of servitude. You are in service to others and your job is to find out how and if your opportunity can help her. How can it help her and how would it effect her family?

Ask questions like:

– what interests you about my company?

– what are you passionate about?

– how much extra money would be great for you and your family?

– what would you do with the money?

– are you coachable?

– how can I help you get started?

When you make it about others and not yourself, you are able to work with people who want to work with you. Most importantly, you are working from a more authentic place. This will leave you and your prospectives feeling better and more motivated to work. When you care for your team, they feel that you care and they know that you believe in them.

10. You are not letting your company resources do the heavy lifting for you,

We often think we have to do all the work to get anything done. In this case, we don’t have to. Let your company website and opportunity resources do the heavy lifting for you. There may be prospectives who really just want to try out your biz and give it a whirl. Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things. Just keep it simple. Let her do the research for herself and listen to calls or attend an opportunity event with her. Your company’s leaders and home office team will explain the nuts and bolts of the business and then you can follow up with your story and what motivated you to get started. You can answer questions once she has that foundation. Don’t go telling people all the details and numbers and facts of signing up because chances are, they won’t remember all of that and they may get confused or shut down. Instead, be relatable. Tell your story and share how the business has helped you and your family. Facts tell, stories sell. Create a system that works for you that keeps it simple, smart and stylish. Click To Tweet

So there you have it, 10 reasons why you’re not signing people up. I am sure there are tons more reasons but all of these things are totally fixable. Most of it has to do with mindset and an attitude shift. You have everything you need to go out and do this. Your confidence + your passion = A Perfect Cocktail for Success. Guess what? I believe in you. You can do this. Now go out there, take action and start building your empire.

I would love to know your big goals for sponsoring this spring? or tag me on @luckyandlovely and share your goals and questions. You’ve got this! 

  • frances hunt March 22, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    LOVE THIS. Thank you for sharing your tips!

    • luckyandlovely March 22, 2016 at 9:52 pm

      you are the BEST friend a girl could ever have!!!

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    Thanks Mel. This one hit home for me.

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      Awwww mama!! Thanks for checking it out and thanks for your order!

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    Spot on as always!! Thanks Mel.

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      Thank you my lady!!!! That means the WORLD to me coming from you!! Big things in store for our future!! I can see it!

  • Renschke Christians March 23, 2016 at 11:42 am

    This is so awesome! As a team leader, it still smacked me in the face and gave me a kick in the pants! Thank you!

    • luckyandlovely March 23, 2016 at 11:48 am

      Good!!!! I am excited to hear that! now its time for me to follow my own advice!

  • Portia Nichols March 23, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    OMG, you’re so on point with this! Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Portia, thanks so much for your feedback. Fingers crossed this will help somebody!

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    The kick in the pants I needed!!! Thanks so much for this.

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    I stumbled across this at the most opportune time. Pinning it so I can read and reread and then read again. Love it.

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    This was exactly what I needed to see!! What a motivational character you are. Bet your business is great. Thanks for all of the great tips!! Tara

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      Tara, I looooove my business. Keep rockin it girl!!

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    This was a great article and I love all the quotes!

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  • Melanie Durham November 23, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    Your tips are awesome but I am ill and connotations leave my home or have an in home party due to my illness. It’s frustrating when in home party is crammed down my throat and no one listens to me about my situation and my team leader knows too! Successful parties online can and do happen all the time! True, in home is better, I agree!

  • Brooke November 30, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    I don’t really understand how recruiting people helps you..it seems like it would hurt your business? I mean if you have customers but you recruit them to sell the product, then they don’t need to buy their products from you anymore, so you lost them as a customer…and even worse, you’ve gotten another person near you to sell the same thing you’re selling, so…you just gave yourself more competition? Then the market is saturated with people selling the same stuff. What I mean is, if you and a few other people near you are all selling the same stuff, then it’s harder for everybody to find customers? Thanks.

    • luckyandlovely January 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      In most companies, consultants earn more on their downlines than just by selling product alone. Think about how many Starbucks there are in a major city. Most of them are usually packed with people and they have a cult following. There is plenty of business to go around so there really is no competition. I sincerely hope this helps you understand.