30 Blog Post Ideas for your direct sales blog

30 Blog Post Ideas for your direct sales blog plus a FREE cheatsheet

Get writing your blog with these post ideas.

Hey girl hey! If you read my last post, you are probably giving me the serious side-eye right now. If you had been toying with the idea of starting a blog to market your direct sales business, hopefully you have seen the light and are ready to dive in and get this party started.

One of the biggest questions I am faced with is this: What the heck am I going to blog about?

Many of you are thinking, what could you possibly have to say or contribute. Here’s the thing, even seasoned bloggers of all niches need inspiration and ideas to kick off their editorial calendar. So post ideas are no longer an excuse. Remember, your posts do not always have to link to your brands product. You want to focus on giving value and solving problems for your readers.

Below, I am giving you 30 ideas of what to blog about and a downloadable cheat sheet to print and keep by your desk to spark some inspiration for your writing. Keep a notebook with you at all times or just type in your notes app on your phone. Soon you will be full of ideas all the time and you can jot them down and save them for later.

TIP: Numbered posts are highly shareable and encourage more opens so where I have a # you create a numbered post.

30 Blog Post Ideas for Direct Sales, Social Sellers & Network Marketing Bloggers

  1. Welcome to my blog – What is your story and why did you start this blog?
  2. Why I got started in my company.
  3. How to get started in _______________.
  4. # Things I’ve learned since starting with _______________.
  5. My Office/Workspace Tour
  6. Answers to your frequently asked questions.
  7. My business goals for the next ______________ and how I will get there.
  8. Behind the scenes of a party/trunkshow/social/gathering/tasting etc.
  9. # things you didn’t know about me.
  10. Business Bookshelf: My favorite business books.

Ideas for lady bosses in Fashion/Style/Accessories Brands

  1. What to pack for a weekend getaway.
  2. # ways to wear___________________.
  3. New collection must-haves.
  4. Closet essentials every woman needs.
  5. Fashion Bucket list/Seasonal Trends.

Ideas for lady bosses in Make up/Skincare/Nails Brands

  1. New product line/collection launch announcement
  2. Splurge vs. Steal Products.
  3. Morning beauty ritual favorites.
  4. Make up tips for beginners.
  5. # ways to feel more confident.

30 Blog post ideas for direct sellers

Ideas for lady bosses with home organizing/culinary brands

  1. # easy weekday dinner ideas.
  2. How to organize your car.
  3. How to put together a monthly meal plan.
  4. Try a pinterest recipe and blog about it.
  5. How to make homemade ___________.

30 blog post ideas for direct sales blogs

Ideas for lady bosses in fitness and wellness brands

  1. My top # Favorite fitness must-haves.
  2. # ways to get fit in 30 minutes or less a day.
  3. # apps to help you with your fitness goals
  4. Your fitness routine or a day in my fitness life
  5. # tips for better __________ (wellness tips like sleep, abs, posture, breakfasts etc.)


Which of these will you post about first? Don’t forget to add some unique images and photography to make your post memorable. Try using your smart phone to create your own brand imagery and edit it using one of the many phone apps or Picmonkey.

Grab your cheat sheet here and tag me on social when you post. I would love to visit your blog and comment. Want to dive deeper into blogging and learn how to create your own website in wordpress with zero technical skills at all? I am launching a course in August 1 and I would love to have you there. I am literally teaching everything I know about the technical and the creative side of blogging. This course is epic and will empower with so many skills. Hop over to Blogger Babe Mini-Course to learn more.

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    I definitely NEED this! Thank you for sharing!
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    • Melanie Hernquist August 2, 2017 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Marienne! I am SO glad you were able to check it out!