6 Savvy ways to use LinkedIn to grow your direct sales business

Take a look at using this powerful platform for your business.

Tips for direct sellers for using Linkedin

When was the last time you looked at LinkedIn for meeting new people to talk to about your business opportunity? Probably never, because I certainly did not. I thought it was just for stuffy, corporate recruiters and people looking for jobs. Duh Melanie, (lightbulb!!) LinkedIn IS for people looking for jobs and opportunities.

For the past few posts and facebook lives, we have been talking about prospecting, recruiting and growing your teams here, I know you are going to LOVE todays post. Since I decided to invest in the training community of Elite Marketing Pro, I have learned so many amazing tips and strategies for growth. Their attraction marketing tips have been truly incredible for my business and I decided it was time to take my direct sales business online and use online strategies to build and grow my team. Here is where LinkedIn comes in.

One of the students in our community, Gloria MacDonald, has been silently producing mind-blowing results in her business. She’s generated over $70k in income in just the past two months alone, exclusively using LinkedIn prospecting and recruiting strategies! After experiencing a huge financial hardship where her and her husband were practicallly bankrupt, she decided to come back to network marketing where she had success before. Following a facebook post, she started using the tools and resources from Elite Marketing Pro and has applied it to a “social” network RIPE for the network marketing profession. 

Here is Gloria’s story and her tips for maximizing LinkedIn for prospecting and recruiting.

When she first dived back into the world of direct sales, she had hardly posted on her Facebook and was not very social media savvy. So she thought to herself, “Hmm, I’m going to try LinkedIn!” 

I had a profile already, and a fair number of connections, though they had nothing to do with the network marketing industry. So I started fooling around on LinkedIn and really digging in. 

Using LinkedIn for direct sales and network marketing

The thing that appealed to me was this: LinkedIn is a place where BUSINESS is done. We talk about it being a “Social Media” platform — but it really is a BUSINESS platform. And I found I could connect with people so much easier on LinkedIn! People were raising their hands and sharing their virtual resumes telling me they were currently “working at” a network marketing, direct selling or simply entrepreneurs. So I knew for sure they were perfect for what I had! 

And I could connect with them. 

Then, I used all the strategies that I learned through Elite Marketing Pro, all the things they teach about attraction marketing, and applied them to LinkedIn — and it worked! 

Using LinkedIn for direct sales and network marketing

And I did it all for FREE and didn’t even pay for LinkedIn’s higher level memberships. 

I was using the FREE version of LinkedIn and it worked! Now, I’m not saying LinkedIn is better than Facebook – it’s just different and fit my personality. I looked at it like…this is a place where business people are, and they’re here to do business. 

The average LinkedIn user has more than two times the buying power of any other social media platform. Click To Tweet

So it’s upscale. Thus, I wasn’t going to be worried about people not being able to afford what I had to offer. My strategy worked because of how well I could target people in the opportunity space, who had money! Also, I found that people on LinkedIn are very happy and eager to pick up the phone and have a business conversation with you. 

Okay, now let’s dive into… 

The 6-Step LinkedIn Prospecting Process 

It’s a fairly simple process. Starting with step #1… 


First, you decide WHO your target audience is, who you really want to focus on. Then you target those people. And invite those targeted people to connect with you. In fact, I only invite targeted people to connect with me, and I only accept invitations from targeted people. All kinds of people might ask me to connect with them and I just choose not to accept them. You can if you’d like, of course. But I choose not to, because I want to be super-targeted and focused on who I am and who my messages are going to. 


Next, as soon as someone connects with me, accepts my invite to connect, or I accept their invite to connect with them, I send them a message saying…“Thanks for connecting. I’m passionate about building an income from home and here’s something that I think could help you move forward with your goals.” Obviously, it’s worded more carefully, but that’s the gist of it. And I provide a link to a freebie, like what Elite Marketing Pro provides with their system to collect leads. 


Then, I stay in touch with people. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn will let you know when a contact has a birthday, but they also let you know when they have a work anniversary, or when they’ve changed jobs. So I send messages at all those times with links to different offers and invite them to subscribe to my email list.  So I’m building my e-mail list as well. 


Next, I do regular posts on LinkedIn. There’s also a feature where you put your own blog post on LinkedIn. They call it an “article” but for all intents and purposes, it’s a blog post. So I post on LinkedIn three times a day. 


I send out invites to connect with new people every day. And I send messages to people, and I also endorse people, which is another feature of LinkedIn. You can endorse people for skills. So every day, I endorse people for skills and then after I’ve endorsed them, I send them another message. Every message I’m sending out has a link to a some free valuable info, in exchange for their contact info. Every post I’m putting out there and every article I write has a link to something valuable, which my target audience would be interested in. For example, I’m sure someone shared this link online and you are reading this now, because it adds value to you. It’s the same thing! 


Finally, I’m constantly staying in touch with my audience and offering them value—something that can help them build their business or income goals. In the social media world, this tends to be a taboo; posting a link or sending somebody a link. And sure, on most platforms, you don’t want to do that, primarily because people don’t like it. 

tips for using linkedin for network marketers and direct sellers


LinkedIn is different. because people go there for business purposes. Therefore, they’re more open to hearing about what you have to show them from a business standpoint. Something that I’ve seen in trying to show people how to use LinkedIn effectively, is getting their heads around this idea that you can send a link. The very first connection you have, the very first message you send, send a link because people are serious about doing business there. Although we call it a social media platform, it really is a business media platform. People do not want to waste their time trying to do all the fake back-and-forth acting like they’re being social when they’re not being social. They’re getting down to business and that’s the beauty of LinkedIn. It saves tons of time, because… People are not there to be entertained 

Tips for using linkedin for direct sales and network marketers

They’re there to do business. I post on Facebook 12 times a day, and eight of those 12 posts are inspirational, motivational, and things like that. Do NOT do that on LinkedIn! 

When I see people doing that on LinkedIn, I groan, and I think… “Oh gosh, it’s another person who doesn’t understand LinkedIn.” If you look at the Feed on LinkedIn, there’s not a lot of the inspirational/motivational stuff. Don’t post any pictures of your cute dog, or cat, or your kids! It’s not what the platform is for. 

LinkedIn is about business.

People are there to find out about business, to find business opportunities, and to do business. That’s the beauty of it for the purposes of someone in the Elite Marketing Pro community. People are on LinkedIn to grow their incomes and dead serious about achieving… And you have the tools – especially if you are with EMP – to help them achieve their goals! One of the things you learn at Elite Marketing Pro is how network marketers can create multiple streams of income. So it’s not just about trying to get people to join you! 

Nobody’s ever offended! Because again, the whole basis is you’re there to do business. One phone call and I make sales—I just do. The other thing is when I’m posting on LinkedIn: My link is always going directly to a offer page – nothing free! And I make sales all the time by offering something of value, something that’s going to help them move forward with their goals. They purchase that while I’m sleeping or while I’m out to dinner or doing other things to build my business. You can go directly to the sale on LinkedIn because, as I’ve hopefully made clear…it’s NOT about being social! People didn’t join LinkedIn to find out about their cousin’s wedding… Or what happened to their friend’s dog, or what they ate for lunch. It’s about doing business, connecting with people who are in business, and helping people find business opportunities. 

I hope you got a few “aha” moments and you’re ready to learn more, because… There are 500 million+ professionals on LinkedIn… and they’re ready to talk business! 

So I hope you’ll join us on Black Friday — literally the Friday after Thanksgiving — as Gloria’s going to be doing an extensive 2-hour live training on how to specifically use LinkedIn to connect with whatever target audience you want, whether you want to target people in the health space, in the real estate space, or in the opportunity space. 

Savvy Tips for using LinkedIn for growing your direct sales and network marketing businessAs you’ve learned… 

Gloria’s strategy is very unique, and it won’t require you to spend a dime on advertising. And she’ll be revealing her breakthrough method for using LinkedIn to attract TOP-NOTCH prospects… make more sales… and enroll new people… 

LIVE on Friday, November 24th, at 1:00pm Eastern/10:00am Pacific US time. 

Now, there will be a fee to attend, but it’s for charity! Literally, you will be learning Gloria’s entire in-depth LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook and simultaneously helping end poverty in the developing world! 

CLICK HERE to get all the details and see how you can be a part of this special event. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about something. 

See you there! 

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    I still haven’t started with LinkedIn but now I feel like I have to 😀

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    I’ve recently been hearing a lot about Linkedin and never thought to use this for my blogger website. Creating one asap! xx Vee inloveandlacebyvee.com