7 things you are doing wrong on Social Media + a free printable

Ok lovelies, the majority of these tips center around offenses I see on Facebook and Instagram. Some of the stuff I am seeing are absolute no no’s and I decided its time for me to speak up.

Let me start off this by sharing that I am waaaaaaay guilty of all of these at any given time so I am right there in the same boat with you babes.

Since I have been biz blogging, I’ve become a blog-post-reading-all-day-pinning-everything-social-media fool (say that 3 times fast). Social media is a  free marketing tool and what could be better than free? I feel like most of the time I’m running in place on social media. If we are going to use it, we might as well use it to make money. My new social media girl crush Caitlin Bacher would say “If it isn’t generating more sales, who cares”

I know, I know what you are saying now…but Melanie, honestly, figuring out what to post, when to post and how to use social media the right way can be downright confusing and frustrating to a gal. I have other stuff to do like work a full-time job, potty train my toddler, go to Target with a venti Latte.” I know, I know, who has the time to learn it all? You do, because you are a boss and we are in this together.

Let’s dive in and make some tweaks to our social strategy gals. Who’s up for the challenge?


    It’s like every post you share is “buy my stuff” or “I’m booking parties”, “comment here to win” yada yada. Yes, we get it, you are in sales and your product is amazing but you don’t have to shove it down our throats every single minute of the day. Think of it as a constant string of commercials during your favorite television show. I see this especially on Facebook. People go on Facebook to be entertained and to look at funny cat videos and catch up with their friends. They don’t mind finding out about a special, hitting a sale or finding a cool new item but they don’t to constantly be sold to. Mix it up, give us some variety with what you share. Try using the rule of thirds – 1/3 personal, 1/3 sharing a resource or something of interest, 1/3 your business. You can break that down even further. Every business share doesn’t have to be the latest new product, special or event. It can be a lifestyle post, a selfie or a peek into how your business enhances your life. Make it fun!


    This is one that I see all the time. Social media gives us a completely free platform to share anything we wish. You sell an awesome product and you (yes you miss savvy direct sales diva) constantly talk about you and your company/product. When was the last time you posted a funny pic or non-business related video or a sweet message on someone’s wall? Have you used social media to shout out someone who is awesome? What about the bakery that did your cupcakes from your last event or the venue where you held a team meeting or someone who gave you awesome service. When we shine a spotlight on others, we are showing the world our gifts and our ability to see the light in others and to amplify it. That draws others to you and makes them want to be a part of your tribe.
    When we shine a spotlight on others, we are showing the world our gifts and our ability to see the light in others and to amplify it. That draws others to you and makes them want to be a part of your tribe. Click To Tweet


    Community? You might be asking what’s this? Your tribe honey. Yes, you have a tribe. They are your raving fans who are obsessed with what you have to offer. You have a way of capturing your ideal customer through social, why aren’t you using it? You might be wondering what the heck I am talking about. Social media is all about creating a tribe of peeps who can’t get enough of you. Your customers keep coming back because they love you. So love on them back. Gather them together in an email list and talk to them. Give them a pet name (lovelies! stylistas, oily mamas, fitness girls, boos, girlbosses or something that matches your brand) Make them feel like they are a part of something bigger than just your sales funnel. Then shower them with love and affection. Host a customer appreciation party or send an email with a playlist of your favorite tunes or a note thanking them for their business. Have a customer or hostess of the week and post it to your business page (peep these tips to create a killer fb biz page) or in your newsletter. We all want to be recognized, appreciated and loved – including your loyal customers.


    This one really brings 1, 2 and 3 full circle. You are not engaging. Social media is all about engagement. It’s a conversation. Only you are having a one-way conversation with yourself. It’s a huge party, only you are a wall flower, not talking to anyone. If you don’t believe me, check the likes and comments on your last 10 posts and analyze them. If you are constantly posting and not getting engagement and more importantly not getting the results (sales/bookings) that you want, it’s time to look at what you are doing. Build it into your schedule to engage. Don’t just constantly like pictures. Get in there and comment, ask a question, be lovely. Post and share a cool blog post, a new recipe or a fun video. Show up on other peoples feed. Be interested, get involved, join the conversation from time to time. The more you engage, the more top of mind you will be when you reach out and ask for that booking.


    Before you start rolling your eyes, I am going to repeat-I am totally guilty of this. I have added people to facebook groups. Eeech. Yep. I admit it. I have copy-pasted in messenger asking for sales, bookings, sending my link and a million other pictures and other things so I could hit a goal. Bleeech. I know! You are not a true social selling rockstar until you have been in facebook jail. You guessed it. Me again. I have done these things and they are icky. I know better now and you do too. I’m not saying not to reach out via messenger or dm or IG, I am just saying use these tools with caution and quickly take the interaction off line and in person so you can make some direct sales magic happen.


    Do you use IG daily? If you have a business, you should be on IG. Create a bonofied IG account for your business and learn how to use like a boss. Why you might ask? Because that is where the people are who are buying are hanging out. Want to reach girls who love fashion? Use Instagram. Want to reach gals who love buying handmade, boutique-y items from etsy shops? They are hanging out on IG. Want to reach the fitness gals and mamas? Use Insta. According to Hootsuite, Instagram’s per follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Facebook. What does that mean for you? Buyers are on Instagram and they are buying products. You have an opportunity to get in front of millions of prospects by using this platform. Not sure how to use IG for your biz or what to post? There are tons of e-courses, webinars and blog posts to help you use IG like a boss.

    Check out these IG powerhouses for top tips to create sales and grow your business on IG
    Caitlin Bacher’s Wham Bam Instagram E-course
    The Bannerie Instagram E-course
    I love Creatives E-course


    This one is super easy to fix and we are all guilty of this. I knoooooow this one is a major challenge and we can all get through it together. First, we have to be intentional with the content and what we want to share. Take some time on Sunday night or whenever you prepare for the week and plan out the next few days of social shares. Each day can have a theme which makes it super easy for you to plan and fans love this.

    6 Tools to help you schedule your social shares:


I know this seems like a big old bunch of new stuff to do on top of your job, home duties and side hustle but if you want your biz to be profitable, you have to get in and work it like the boss babe that you are. I have made all of these mistakes and more. That is the main reason I am writing this post. This is an accountability post. I am holding myself accountable to you that I will work on my social media and deliver awesome content, motivation, encouragement and boss babe tips.

To help us all out, I created this handy Social Media Planner for you to print out and use. (I really need this, like yesterday)

download free planner.

Who else out there is with me? I would love to know. Tag me on Instagram @luckyandlovely #luckyandlovelybossbabe and show me the good stuff so I can cheer you on!


  • Yaya February 22, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Cute planner. Thanks for sharing. I’m working on building my tribe now, so that I will have people to support me when I do launch my business.

    • luckyandlovely February 22, 2016 at 1:35 pm

      Yaya, yaaaay baby! Build it and they will come. What is your business?

  • Vanessa February 22, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    This is SUCH a great post. I also am so bad at telling other people the right thing to do, and often neglect myself from the very.same.thing. Oops! I especially love your point on scheduling, I have been working on trying to get better at this. Buffer makes it super easy, so I am loving that (buffering you out now as we speak).

    And by the way, your branding is GORGEOUS. I love your logo 🙂

    • luckyandlovely February 22, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      Vanessa, I know. I am sooooo bad at scheduling. I have my facebook posts scheduled for the week and struggling with my instagram. We will both get there. Thanks for the sweet comment about my logo!! I wanted it to be fun. That totally made me smile. 🙂

  • Natasha Solae February 23, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Scheduling apps have seriously been a gift from God. I feel like they fix everything! There is no excuse to be MIA from social media with those wonderful apps. They will change yo’ life!

  • Jennifer Johnson September 4, 2016 at 1:21 am

    Fantastic blog post! My favorite part is #4, where you stress that social media is all about being social! It seems so many forget that, even though it’s why Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms were ever created in the first place. I’m pretty partial to pre-scheduling all of my content using CinchShare and would love to hear what you think. Either way, I’ll definitely be sharing your blog! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • luckyandlovely October 21, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      I LOVE Cinchshare 🙂 Blog post coming soon!!!