Boss Babe: Ashley Cribb is living the oily life with Young Living

Change often brings a new point of view into your life. New ideas, new perspectives, and new people will always come. For me it brought Ashley Cribb. Because of my new interest in healthy & wellness and non-toxic living, I am fortunate enough to connect with the loveliest boss mamas on instagram.

Today we are lucky to hear from my sweet friend. This gal just oozes pure joy from head to toe. It must be all those essential oils she diffuses and inhales. It literally blows my mind that she makes a living staying healthy and helping others enjoy the benefits of essential oils too. I connected with Ashley a while back on instagram and we immediately became friends. Just looking at her swoon-worthy instagram and adorable little boy Elliot is enough to turn a bad day into a good one. She sent me a gorgeous goodie package to help me with my seasonal allergies and she included the lavender oil Tranquil, (which is a miracle worker for my little one at bedtime!) Ashley has opened my world up to the goodness of essential oils and I haven’t looked back ever since. There is just so. much. dang. goodness in oils ya’ll.

Working mamas need a tribe of women to ask questions, bounce ideas off and of and just plain vent.

When we chat on the phone, we can talk for hours about everything from quick family meals to make up tips. She just gets me. Ashley has a moving story and I can’t wait for you guys to learn more about how she is living her dream in a small Georgia town and building her oily empire working around her charming life with her sweet family.

Young Living Essentials Oils mama Ashley Cribb

Tell us a little bit about your business

I am a pharmacist and natural health expert, and I love sharing and educating people about essential oils! I believe that traditional and alternative medicine aren’t mutually exclusive, so I try to help people find a balance there. I share about health and wellness through Instagram, Facebook and an online magazine called Simple Golden Life. One of my main focuses is Golden Drop Society, the community of oil users that have decided to take this health journey alongside of me. I pour a lot of time and resources into Golden Drop Society to make sure that my people know how to use their essential oils, pursue health and wellness and handle any bumps in the road!

Ashley Cribb talks young living essential oils

What was the best moment in your career so far?

The best moment thus far was when I realized my true passion – natural health, essential oils and chemical-free living. It wasn’t a grandiose event or celebration, but a slow process as we transitioned to using oils for basically everything – our home, our nutrition, our supplements, personal care products, baby products, the list is endless! We started using the oils, saw some amazing results, and I just wanted to shout from the rooftops. I was feeling burnt out on traditional medicine, and finally finding my true passion really changed my perspective and gave me so much hope.

What is your best tip for managing work and personal life?

Scheduling. Keeping a schedule is critical to having that work life balance, so when I write something on my calendar, I stick to it! For example, I schedule in time to check emails, Facebook messages and notifications, and I don’t have the push notifications on my phone. I find that when things come through automatically to my phone, they feel urgent and pull me away from my family. Instead, sitting down for a set amount of time with the intention of completing a specific task allows me to be focused and intentional. Sticking to your set hours is so important and actually gives you more freedom Click To Tweet

What is the hardest business lesson you ever learned?

No matter how hard you try and how much you give, you just can’t please everyone. It can feel defeating to have that one negative voice in a crowd of encouragement, and you just have to choose not to listen to it. Search your heart, and if you gave your best from a place of love, that’s all you can do. Every time someone makes a statement you have the choice to be offended or not to be. It sounds simple, but try it. Choose to see the positive.

What are three things every boss babe should have for success?

1- A detailed planner. Keeping track of events, work hours, etc. is critical! There are a lot of different options out there, so find a system that you like and keep it up!

2- A working knowledge of taking pictures and editing. This doesn’t have to be fancy! I love the VSCO app on iPhone and usually just use my MacBook for photo editing. Having light, consistent photography is huge!

3- A great bold lip stain, pair of heels or other accessory that makes you feel like a million bucks!

Ashley Cribb talks wellness with young living essential oils

What are some words you live by?

“The greatest of these is love.” I truly believe that if you love big, you will always receive it in turn. Not to say that life is perfect or easy, but if the root of your actions is love, how can you lose? In all that I do my utmost objective is to bring glory to my Lord. I firmly believe that He has given me a clear vision for my life as a wife and mother, and I believe that He is going to use my Young Living business as a means to provide freedom for so many. Freedom towards health, freedom for growing families, freedom from debt, freedom to give big and help others, freedom to live the amazing, full life that He has planned for us. And every action involved in that plan is rooted in love.

Ashley Cribb of Ashley Cribb Wellness shares her oily life with young living oilsWhat is the best advice anyone ever gave you?

‘Don’t let fear hold you back.’ Making changes, especially life-altering ones like being a boss babe, can be scary, but don’t let fear be the thing that keeps you from taking a leap. There are legitimate reasons to say no to opportunities, to not pursue a business, to put a business on hold, but fear is not one of them.

What is something that you can do really well?

Organizing and problem solving. I’m a perfectionist and scientist at heart, which makes me very process-oriented. I am good at creating systems, whether that is organizing our family for a two week camping trip, creating budget-friendly, simple meal plans and grocery lists or creating systems within my business to keep things running smoothly.

What is your guilty pleasure?

This is a toss up between curling up with a good book until 3am OR our favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Ashley Cribb of Ashley Cribb Wellness and the golden drop society shares her oily lifeEarly riser or night owl?

Early riser for sure! I feel most productive early in the morning when the house is quiet. Give me a good cup of coffee and my computer, and I am set!

Coffee or tea?

Coffee! I typically drink my coffee black. We buy fair trade, organic whole beans, so the flavor of the coffee comes best when it is black. When I want to kick up my heels a little, I’ll add some grass-fed butter or milk and some peppermint oil!

Go to cocktail?

GIn + tonic! I love the simplicity of a good gin + tonic, the way the flavors fit together with a little fresh lime juice, that I can easily make it at home, and that it is (relatively) healthy! And if you’re looking for a good gin, Citadel is my favorite.

Favorite instagrammer?

@vintagewhites I love seeing how other people style their home, and this feed is full of beautiful, whimsical inspiration!

What advice would you want to give to a room full of women business owners?

BE YOURSELF. There is a lot out there, and sometimes it can feel difficult to create original content, but if you are true to who you are, it is a very organic process. It’s great to be inspired by other people, but make sure that you’re doing what is true and unique to you. Share products, businesses and material that you would use and love regardless of whether or not you made money from them.

Where can we find you?

I just launched an online lifestyle magazine called Simple Golden Life alongside one of my childhood friends, Erin. I am really excited about the project! I’m also on Instagram as @ashleycribbwellness and @simplegoldenlife and on Facebook as Ashley H Cribb and Simple Golden Life. You can also find some of my health + nutrition tips, meal plans and DIYs at my functional medicine website Ashley H Cribb.

What an inspiring mama! Do you know anyone what would be perfect for a “bossbabe interview”? Please drop me a line and share!
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    Loved this! Super inspiring girls really can do it all.