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The ultimate guide to starting a blog from scratch

How to start a blog from scratch with no technical skills
The ultimate guide to starting a blog from scratch

So you have finally decided to pull the trigger and enter this world of blogging. I am so proud of you! Blogging has been one of my most fulfilling parts of my business. Blogging is hard work but is incredibly fulfilling both personally and financially. I have met some amazing friends and built some extraordinary relationships with brands, bloggers and other influencers through blogging. Because of my blog, I have been asked to train thousands of direct sellers, speak at conferences and manage social media accounts for major startups. It has been a wild ride and I am excited for you to jump in!


Everyday, tons of emails hit my inbox with technical questions about blogging and social media. My goal is to help you conquer your fears and get comfortable with technology. I am here to encourage you and make sure you know that “You can do this.” I am going to walk you through starting your blog step by step.


Because you are reading this blog, I assume you are lady boss who has a goal of monetizing your blog. Think of your blog as a business from the beginning. I recommend a self-hosted blog for the most customizable and upgradable website available. WordPress is used by 28% of the web from everything from hobby blogs to big new sites. gives you the freedom to build anything you can imagine from a consultant site, e-commerce, a membership site or online courses, the possibilities are endless.

Read here for the difference between and

Now that you are clear on why you are going to use self-hosted wordpress, you are ready to get started. Follow these easy peasy steps and you will be up and running in less than an hour. Grab a glass of bubbly and get ready to do this thing!

Step 1: Chose a name for your blog

Before you can set up your blog, you have to find a unique name and make sure the domain is available for you to register. Think of your domain name or as your address for your blog. You have probably been thinking of a name that lights your heart on fire already! Still stuck? Ask around to some friends, use your name, use unique words that describe you and your brand to create your name.

Step 2: Set up hosting for your blog

If your domain name, ( is your address for your blog, then your host account is your home. Hosting is where your files will be stored and made visible on the internet. Because I want you to get the most bang for your buck and not let anything keep you from starting your blog, I have teamed up with iPage, to bring you the cheapest, most reliable hosting on the internet.

iPage hosting for Lucky + Lovely readers is $1.99 a month!

Often you have to pay for your domain name registration separately from the hosting but when you use my link, you will get your domain name registration FREE for one year!

Enter your chosen blog name and make adjustments if your desired name is not available for purchase. You can also chose “transfer a domain I already own” if you have already purchased your domain name but have not secured hosting.

Enter your billing information to complete the order process.

Chose your package length, the more months you pay for, the cheaper the price. Chose your additional options now or you can add them later.

Step 3:

Now that your account is set up, it is time to install WordPress onto your domain (insert happy dance here!). The success screen will advance and instruct you to log in to your account and select a domain for installation.

You are almost there…Are you getting excited?

You are the admin for your wordpress account. Fill in the Site Title, admin (that is you) email address, user name and secure password (at least 8 characters, 1 capitol letter, 1 number and 1 special character).

Yaaaaasssss!!! WordPress installation was successful. Click view credentials and store them in a secure location. Next you will be taken to your wordpress dashboard.

Step 4: The fun and adventure begins

Click “I don’t need any help” and now you are ready to install your blog theme and set up your blog. Whether you want a blog or a website with a blog, your theme is the design and layout of your site’s content. You may have been looking at themes over the past few weeks or you may have never checked out a theme before.

I love the feminine and gorgeous themes offered by my friends at Bluchic. This Olivie theme below is one from Bluchic. The themes have clean code and are packed full of features that are fully customizable. Plus they have amazing documentation to walk you through setting up your site from start to finish. Other theme designers are listed on the resources page and there are also plenty of free themes offered by wordpress as well.

Getting a blog set up is easy and takes less than an hour. Now that it’s done, if the thought of installing and setting up your theme has your stomach in knots, don’t worry your pretty little lady boss head about it.

I have a fun mini-course that will get you up and running in a weekend. Grab it over at Lucky + Lovely Courses and come hang with me in the Lady Boss Lounge where I share social media tips.

Happy Blogging!

There are affiliate links in this post. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, you won’t be charged more but I will make a small commission which helps me fund my coffee obsession. I only write about brands I use and love.