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3 Marketing Tips to grow your beauty business

Once you launch your beauty business, you will need to create a solid marketing strategy to build excitement and generate sales. Don’t know where to start? I got you covered with easy to follow, actionable tips that you can implement today and start getting your brand in front of more potential customers.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. You have come to the right place for training and strategies for Beautypreneurs like you to launch strong and and get those orders and clients flooding in.

The most important part is that you take action. Reading blogs and watching videos is great. Doing the work is what gets results. Promise me that you will implement these strategies.

Let’s dive in to the tips.

If you want to skip reading and get right to the good stuff,
here is the video breakdown of the tips.


Happy customers are the best advertisement. A testimonial is one of the most powerful influencers of a person’s decision to buy. Ask for feedback and create instagram posts and IG stories with reviews and pictures if you have them.


Go live and create video content for both IGTV and Youtube. Instagram gives priority to live content so while stories are a great way to use video, lives will help you grow organically. Instead of always asking for sales, be a resource to your customers. Create “how to ” video tutorials to teach people how to apply lashes or create a fresh faced make up look.


First impressions matter. Make sure you are posting beautiful images, especially on Instagram. The platform is built for visual content. If you don’t have a huge budget, consider collaborating with talented amateur photographers and using apps to edit your photos and videos.

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10 Tips for a Killer Facebook Business Page

10 Must-use tips for direct sales and network marketers for a killer facebook business page
Does it feel like lately Facebook is letting your business down?
Are you sick of…
  • Posting and posting and posting but not getting the views you want (or used to get).
  • Sick of attracting followers who never buy or commit.
  • Feeling confused about when to post and how often.
  • Spending more time on marketing than your actual business!
Don’t worry, so many direct sales reps and network marketers are frustrated with Facebook these days. That’s because their algorithm has changed and the old tricks don’t work. Are you ready to update your skills and seriously CRUSH IT on Facebook?

Are you wanting to grow your business page so you can generate new leads and sales to your direct sales business? Are you tired of making 100 person lists, chicken lists and talking to moms at the park and in line at Starbucks? Do you want to learn how to drive more leads and sales to your business by taking your business online using social media. I wanted to some top tips for maximizing Facebook Business page to get more visibility and explode your direct sales and network marketing business.


So the buzz around direct sales reps lately is about branding. I have been getting swamped with emails and messages from you guys asking me about branding.

 Does this sound like you?
“How do I brand myself, I am not tech savvy.”
“What font or color do I chose?”
“Do I need a logo?”
Your brand is much more than a logo.
Your brand is what you communicate to the world.
Your brand is what people think of when they think of you. What do people remember you for?

Your brand is actually the soul of your business…it’s your client/customer’s total experience with you and your products/services. It’s the thought that pops into people’s mind when they hear your name.
When it comes to building a brand, there are 3 really important things that you need to know to build a truly authentic and magnetic brand that will convert prospects into customers.
1. Your Brand should be something that no one can take away from you (unless you choose to sell it).
2. You Have To Know Your Ideal Client BEFORE You Build Your Brand.
3. Your Brand Follows You Everywhere.
Your communication and social media content should be aligned with your brand. This is WHO you are and WHO you help and WHY. Your brand informs everything you do and why you do it. Your brand is what builds the “know, like and trust” relationship between you and your audience. Brand discovery is SO important so don’t skimp on it.


Facebook has given us the ability to go live for the past year or so and it has been a huge game changer for millions of business owners. Why? Live streaming has higher conversions and has a larger organic reach. Facebook prefers live streaming from the app over static images and will show your live videos more often and to more people on the time line. It is just that simple. People crave authenticity and real faces. If you have not been using Facebook Live, what are you waiting for? I have rounded up some epic tips for you to help you get started and go live like a boss.


  1. How to livestream like a boss
  2. Million Dollar Party Girl always has the best ideas for maximizing Facebook Live

Want to add graphics and share screens on your facebook lives? Check out this video tutorial explaining how to use OBS to make your Facebook Lives Fancy.

Check out Peg Fitzpatrick’s tips on “Easy ways to supercharge your Facebook Business Page

Peg Fitzpatrick Blog Easy Ways to Supercharge your Facebook Page

Photo credit: Peg Fitzpatrick Blog

Here are Leslie’s notes:

1. Make a nice timeline cover photo using Canva, or upload a video to tell who you are, what you’re about, and include pictures there as well about any promos or upcoming events.

2. Make sure on your MAIN FB page under “about” you are actually linking your business FB profile spage under “work”

3. Use the big search bar at the top of FB and search something like “pages liked by fans of….” I typed in “non-toxic products & healthy living” and found a bunch of local FB groups to join that I didn’t know about.

4. This one is KEY. Overly promotional posts will get LESS priority in News Feed. The FB algorithm will not make your posts visible if they are purely promotional. Best practices ~ posts that are REAL, PERSONAL, HAVE VALUE, and are SIMPLE. Post personal pictures too, and non professional pictures – ones you take with your cell phone, not always from social shareables – people like to buy from real people.

5. Engage with other pages and watch other live videos from other business pages, engage with up to 10 accounts before and after going live or posting an image to your page.


If you don’t have a Business page, click here for instructions on how to set up one.


1. How to set up and get your page noticed (with video!)

2. The ultimate checklist for a kick-ass Facebook Business Page

3. 50 Questions you can use to engage with your Audience

4. For those of you who didn’t know about Canva, here are some great tips from the canva blog with helpful ideas for creating graphics for your page.

5. Did you know you can add apps to your facebook business page? Check out this helpful post for adding apps and graphics to your page.