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Hey guys…I’m back! I know its been forever since I have blogged and I miss you loves so much. I have so much to share but first, let me paint this picture for you and share one of my go-to resources for all you fabulous boss mamas. Picture this: It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, I have two hours, three at the most, to get to the post office. It would be rough under the best of circumstances, but I have this adorable little four-year-old who is dying for my attention, pulling at my belt. So…yea, that means its looking pretty impossible to complete this task for the day.

Welcome to my world! Full time entrepreneur and full time mom. It is an impossible problem to solve, and yet it happens all the time.

The truth is my little guy is amazing: he can play all afternoon with two Hotwheel cars. But he only does that if I don’t ask him to.

So what are my options? Turn on the TV. Ugh. Even with all the great educational shows nowadays, I feel slightly guilty placing him in front of TV. (Moreover my husband hates it.)

For me the better option are education learning games. Many of my friends worry about screen time for their little ones, but I chose the lesser of the two evils. Plus, I feel good about my decision to let both my kiddos do educational learning games.



We’ve used different apps over the years, so I know my son’s enthusiasm for Kidloland is real. I can almost hear him chanting for it as I write this. He literally is obsessed with my phone so  he can go on the app. So when I hear him learning addition and subtraction and holiday songs, I can’t be mad because I know he is getting a huge dose of learning out of it.

The basics

Kidloland is an educational app for the iPhone and Android platforms. The suggested age is 6 and under. It has over 700 different nursery rhymes, games, activities, “phonics” and pre-reading instruction. I made a beeline to download the app for the phonics alone. That is a huge skill that is so valuable to learn. My little guy absolutely loves learning new words and it gives him an edge in pre-school. Love that!

Lucky + Lovely Kidloland App review Lucky + Lovely Kidloland App review Lucky + Lovely Kidloland App reviewWhat We like

It’s challenging without being frustrating. I never hear him having trouble with the app. Sometimes toddlers can get the swiping to work or sometimes apps can get “stuck,” which means I have to stop my work to reset the program. He can navigate and explore new activities or go back to his favorites. Currently he is in love with the dinosaur songs. Here are some other things we like, the awards and accolades Kidloland has won:

  • The Spring 2016 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award
  • Kid Safe Certified
  • Tillywig Award Winner 2015
  • Academics’ Choice Award™ Winner

Age appropriate

He is four (almost five) now, but I could have easily seen him being engaged in the songs as a two-year old. At his age, he will do the lessons without me asking him to. He loves telling all about the names of insects and birds, stuff my husband and I had never gone over with him.

It is both familiar and new

They are a lot of nursery rhymes but there is plenty of new content. He learns the songs and sing them back to me. He loves singing about the months of the year, the planets, animals on a farm, dinosaurs, days of the week. When I ask him, where did you learn all of this stuff? I should already know the answer, kidloland. It feels pretty good to know that I can sneak in a few more minutes of work or a coffee meeting with a prospective when I need to as long as I have this app. Don’t get me wrong, its not a babysitter or anything, but in a pinch, it gets the job done. Working mamas sometimes have no choice. Tools and learning apps are a working mama’s best friend. It can’t all be videos and games all the time.


I’m excited to partner with Kidloland to offer 5 free 3 month subscriptions to kidloland. Wooohooo! To enter:

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Do you use educational apps for your kids? What are your favorites? Good experiences? Bad? Concerns or tips? Please share your thoughts below.

Disclosure: We did receive free Kidloland App subscription in order to share our experiences.

Lucky and Lovely Kidloland App Review and Giveaway