The Savvy Gals Guide to Supercharge your Customer Experience

Let’s face it….you have 9 million tasks to juggle between your business, work, home and being there for friends and family. I get it, gals. In this post, I want to talk about a subject that I am supremely guilty of not being amazing at: Customer Service. There, I said it. I don’t always give my clients an amazing experience. I’m super duper not proud of that fact, but I know that recognizing that I fall short in this area of my business, gives me the opportunity to make changes and do better.

A mentor and colleague gave me some really great advice for creating the ultimate customer experience. She said, “treat the customers you already have really well.”

Duh. It’s not rocket science. But why was I not doing it? I seriously love great customer service and I tend to remember those experiences fondly. We all love great customer service. Sometimes, that extra mile or help with a problem with an order could be the moment of someone’s day that creates a lasting impression on them and has a client singing your praises.

Happy clients are your best marketing and love to spread the word about you and your business. Click To TweetNow that we are committed to taking our customer service to the next level, let’s dive into some tips to help us love up on our clients and keep them referring us and coming back for more.

Give thanks for every order

Isn’t it the greatest feeling when you see an order notification pop in your inbox? Wahoo! Time to do a little happy dance. My company has a thank you message built into the order confirmation. If yours does too, you might wonder why you need to do anything additional? Now is a great time to step up your game and send a quick email or text message letting them know you got their order and you appreciate it. I love using RedStamp and the Felt app for this or creating a Canva graphic to store on my phone or use in a canned response email. Don’t know about canned response in gmail? Canned responses will save you so much time. Check out my video tutorial to get you going. Showing gratitude for an order is the start of your the customers’ experience and sets a great tone for follow up.

Tiny Prints

Write a personal note and mail it. Gasp! Did I say snail mail something? I know, I are rolling your eyes and saying, “But, Melanie…isn’t the email thank you card enough?

Email is great but sending a hand-written note will set you apart and show you really care. Click To TweetPeople love getting snail mail that isn’t a bill and this one little touch is so sweet that it is bound to be remembered. Send them to your hostesses and customers alike. Don’t have stationery? I’ve teamed up with TinyPrints to give you a super deal on a new set of stationery so get writing. Hop over and grab the latest coupons from Tiny Prints. While you are at it, snag a set of thank you cards here, take $15 off a $40 order or $30 off an $80 order. Woop!! Keep a few extra on hand for notes to your team and mentor too.


Follow up to check up

Chances are, you met most of your clients at a shopping event or networking event or maybe even someone reached out via social media or was a referral. Now that you have made the connection and got the order, it is time to check in. Checking in to make sure their order arrived on time and everything was as promised is a smashing way to start off giving great service. A rapid check on your business back office of the previous weeks orders will help you get this part done. Check the tracking to make sure everything arrived on time, then dash off another email to confirm. This is a great way to find out about any issues that may have come up such as missing items from an order or any other issues. Being proactive in this process will help curb any issues that your client may have. I love this part because what usually happens is everything is fine and they love their order. However, occasionally issues will come up, clients get busy and forget so they love that you checked in with them to help them resolve whatever it is. A return or problem with an order isn’t always the worst thing, it gives you the chance to shine and make it right.

Random Acts of Kindness

Surprise and delight your best customers from time to time. This one is super fun and I highly encourage you to try it. Send your top customers a newly released product. Pop a few samples in the mail to that client who refers you to their friends. You don’t have to necessarily send your company’s product. Anything out of the blue can show up at their door like Jenis’ Ice Creams, Zabar’s bagels, Blue Bottle Coffee, the options are endless. Have you seen these little adorable greeting + gift combo from Greetabl? It’s like an adorable gift and card all rolled into one. Greetabl is the perfect little size for a birthday or hostess gift. Who wouldn’t love this?

Lucky and Lovely loves Greetbl!

Other ideas for easy surprise gifts: Create a playlist of your favorite tunes on Spotify, send a voice recording expressing your gratitude using Voxer or Vocaroo. These are just little ways of saying “you are awesome and I appreciate your business.” I love this idea, I sent out a thank you email once to my entire customer email list. In the email, I expressed my gratitude for supporting me and I offered each on who replied to my email a $5 Starbucks card. No product promotion, no special link to shop, there was no need for them to do anything other than reply with the drink of their choice and I emailed the cards out to the ones who replied. That was so fun because they were genuinely surprised and delighted.


Stay connected

Keep the love flowing by staying connected. Invite your clients to follow you on your social channels or if you have a VIP facebook group (you can join my Beautycounter group here!), that is a great way to keep engagement high without being connected on their personal feed.

VIP groups are hot because it is a group of engaged consumers who love your product, be sure to give value in the form of lots of related content sprinkled in with your company’s promotions and marketing.

Your clients have to know about your group so invite them to join the group when you send your initial thank you email or follow up note. Another fun way to stay connected is with text marketing (hint: text “beauty by mel to 31996” to join my text group). Use texts to send updates, special offers and invitations. An invitation to join your group is a simple welcome to my text marketing message and an easy way for you to keep the conversation flowing with your clients.

Which one of these ideas will you try? Tag me #luckyandlovelybiztips in your pictures, posts and tweets. I would love to see what you are doing and cheer you on.

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  • Amber Gossett November 16, 2016 at 9:29 am

    There are so many amazing tips on this post, that I starred it and am going to use it as a “To- Do List” for my next few fine art print clients, as well as my photography session clients. I love how many of these tips can be used even for a company that sells a service (like mine!). I popped on over to your facebook VIP page some love but I don’t know how to “join” (I didn’t see the button but it could totally be user error). Looking forward to reading more on your lovely blog!

    • luckyandlovely November 16, 2016 at 9:36 am

      Hi Amber! You totally caught a mistake that I made, thank you for your comment. I had that link pointing to my fb business page for the blog, the group I was referring to is my Beautycounter group. I just fixed it. Here is the link to that group and now I am thinking of starting a VIP business group too! Thank you for your sweet comment!!

      Here is the link if you want to be added, don’t feel any pressure! It’s just if you want health and beauty advice:

  • Hannah Chester November 16, 2016 at 10:51 am

    This is such a great list. Customer service is so essential and it’s really easy to get so caught up in the minutiae of running a business to forget it. This definitely applies to service-based businesses, as well.

    • luckyandlovely November 16, 2016 at 10:53 am

      Totally agree and so many great things you do in a service based business. I can’t wait to up my customer service game.