Age ain’t nothing but a number & how to sell to different age groups

Are you a jewelry lady who doesn’t use Instagram? or Snapchat? Do you make your sales and never reach back out to your past customers with a personal phone call or even (dare I say a hand-written thank you note)? Both of these practices appeal to completely different age groups but if you are not plugged in to what works for various age groups, you could be leaving money on the table. Here is a resource that breaks down the techniques to bridge the gap and reach customers from old age to millennials.

I tell my team all the time, you have to know your audience. Once you get laser focused on your your ideal client, you will can eliminate 90% of people you come in contact with that do not fall into that category. It is your job to know where your ideal customer hangs out, what they do for fun and how to reach them. Click To Tweet You may have never thought about this before but different ages interact differently and have vastly different purchasing habits from one another. That is why this infographic rocks. The good folks at Salesforce sent me this to share with you lovelies. I will be honest, when I first opened the image I didn’t think I needed it but I needed a good kick in the pants. I am missing out on a huge group of folks and concentrating more of my efforts on another group. I’m missing out on sales and prospectives bookings galore. Now I see where I can tweak my efforts and reach more prospective customers across all ages groups. Winning!

How can you incorporate this information into your booming social sales business? What are your top tips for using this information to rock your biz and finish Q1 strong?

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Create a marketing and sales strategy that appeals to all ages groups. Use this infographic to help you effectively bridge generation the gap and increase your sales.