Social Media Recruiting for Direct Sales and Network Marketing

How to use social media for recruiting new team members into your business

Use these tips to add new business partners to your team.

If you want to build huge growth and sustainable profits in your direct sales and network marketing business, recruiting new and excited business partners to your organization is an important skill to develop.  Recruiting starts with prospecting and social media is abundant with prospects. You just have to learn how to do this the right way on social.  We aren’t born knowing how to be a recruiting rockstar. Developing and sharpening your skills will create the results you are looking for. Invest in yourself and your business by learning the steps and then take action.


1. Recruiting starts with finding the right prospects

Prospecting literally means, “digging for gold.” You have to raise your awareness to the world around you and be actively looking for people that you want to work with. The right recruits are not going to just fall into your lap. You have to be intentional in your efforts and actively go out and search for them. It may be tempting, but do friend request people that you don’t know or don’t have any connection with. Messaging people without establishing a friendship is an absolute no. Building relationships takes time and patience but is so worth it. Anything worth having is worth working for. If you haven’t taken the time to build a relationship with someone, they WON’T be interested in what you have to offer.

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2. Start building trust by adding value

Most people approach social media prospecting by taking before giving. When we serve others and add something to to make their lives better, you build trust. Adding value can come in the form of writing blog posts to educate, inspiring posts, interesting videos and making others feel valued and special.

How will you provide that value? This is where using a Facebook Business page can be so valuable. Check out my post about how to make a killer page and the video below shares what the difference is between a business page and a group.

  • Share parallel content about running a business like time management tips, how to work from home with kids, and how to organize your business to show prospects that you will provide value and training when they join your team.
  • Share inspirational quotes to show you are a positive and uplifting leader and someone they would like to work with!
  • Share success stories of people on your team. This shows you love recognizing your people for their efforts and it also shows them the great things that are happening on your team. People are attracted to success!
  • Share links to business articles and blogs.
  • Share what you love about the business and the benefits of being with your company.
  • Share a link to sign up for your recruiting newsletter that features additional information about your company business opportunity.

3. Learn how to ask questions of your prospects

When you are truly interested in others and show that you care, they begin to trust and like you. What is the number one thing people love talking about? Themselves! Asking questions will allow you to enter the other person’s world and truly understand them. Ask more questions, listen more and talk less.

Create a system for yourself, using F.O.R.M. It is an acronym that many top earners use to build huge organizations. F.O.R.M stands for

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Money

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4. Uncover your prospects need, desire or a problem

Once your establish their pain point or their needs, then you can offer a way that your opportunity can help them solve their pain. This is why asking questions is so important. You won’t know if your opportunity, product or service is a fit for the other person until you find out what struggles and challenges they’re having, or desires they have. Your job is not to convince or push anyone into joining your business. Your job is to educate and expose them to what you have to offer and let them decide. Remember, your opportunity is not a fit for everyone. Don’t be attached to the outcome of your efforts.

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5. Find out if they are open, not interested

Most people are not interested in much of anything, but no one wants to be thought of as not open-minded. Simply asking if they are open to learning more about what you have to offer. Asking if they are open will allow you to advance to the next stage of recruiting. Not everyone will be open and that is okay too. Embrace the no’s and let that motivate you to keep asking. The no’s will get you closer to a yes. Make a game out of it and see how many no’s you can collect. Reward yourself for taking action and doing the work most won’t do.

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6. Extend an invitation

Only once you’ve completed the above steps is it appropriate to extend an invitation to take a look at a video, listen to a call or attend a meeting. What you want to do is expose them to some information so they can learn more about your opportunity. Where most people go wrong with this is that they confuse the invitation with the presentation. Inviting someone to take a look at your opportunity should be done with a sense of urgency.

It might sound something like this, “Hey, I don’t have a ton of time, I am heading into a meeting. I was thinking about you and how you said you were open to doing something more mission based with your time. I think my business would be a great fit. If I send you, (a link to a video, a call recording, a pdf etc.) would you take a look at it? The important element of this process is “If I, would you.”

When you get a yes, find out when they can take a look the information. Get a time from them and make an appointment to follow up. Confirm this follow up appointment with them. Do not send the information unless they confirm they can look at it when they say they can and agree to the follow up call with you. This is a process that will save you time and frustration and will convey your professionalism.

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7. Close the deal

You have put in a lot of hard work with prospecting, building relationship, inviting and presenting your opportunity to your potentials. Do not let all that hard work go to waste by not closing the deal. Do not assume they are going to just come running to you ready to sign up. Closing is an art and a skill that will actively put money in your pocket. Closing will save you the frustration of chasing prospects who have no intention of signing on. A professional close will help you be more confident in your recruiting skills.

Eric Worre has an amazing close. Watch this video to learn how this incredible leader closed thousands of recruits during his time in business.

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I hope this guide inspires you to take action and I want to hear your wins with recruiting. Hop over to instagram and tag #dreamerdoerencourager with your new recruits, wins and successes.